Blue Jays Trade for Tulowitzki Shocks MLB Fans

Tulowitzki for Reyes TradeIn the midst of a playoff hunt, the Toronto Blue Jays shocked baseball fans north and south of the border when the team traded Jose Reyes for Troy Tulowitzki. Read more about the trade and Toronto’s current odds of winning the AL East division.


BlueJays AL East division odds

The Blue Jays are currently (+700) to win the AL East according to Bet365 online odds as of Tuesday, July 28.

Most analysts thought Toronto would be shopping for pitchers, that being the teams weak spot, but instead the team added more offense with Troy Tulowitzki. According to Alex Anthopoulos, the Jays have been tying to work a Tulo-for-Reyes trade since last winter.

Reyes is batting .285 in the leadoff spot, which is on par with the team betting props that oddsmakers set before the 2015 season began. They had Reyes pegged at playing 129.5 total games, a .290 batting average, and 29.5 stolen bases on the year.

The oft-injured Tulowitzki has remained healthy for the most part of 2015, and appeared in 87 games, which is 18 more than Reyes. Tulowitzki is batting .300 on the season with 12 home runs, and he figures to benefit from being in a stacked lineup that makes it difficult for opposing teams to ‘pitch around’ him.

Alex Anthopoulos stated that they were already thinking about this trade as a long term move and this isn’t to bolster the team for a playoff run. Troy Tulowitzki was not initially pleased with the trade, and it is unclear how this will affect the chemistry of the team, because Jose Reyes was a popular figure in the clubhouse.