Odds to win 2014-2015 NBA Championship

Canadians can check out the betting odds to win the NBA Championship in 2014-2015 that are available online. The Toronto Raptors will likely have to contend with the overall favourite in Cleveland who are lead by Lebron James if they reach the playoffs.

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Cleveland Cavaliers (+280)

Since news that Lebron James would return to Cleveland became known, the team went from as high as a (+4000) longshot, down to (+280) odds as the overall favourite to win the NBA Championship outright in 2014-2015. Even though Lebron has downplayed championship talks, it is hard for the betting market to ignore major moves like the addition of Kevin Love.

Toronto Raptors (+3500)

The oddsmakers have the Toronto Raptors at (+3500) or 35-to-1 odds of winning the NBA Championship in 2014-2015. The Raptors are favoured to win the Atlantic Division and are expected to reach the playoffs, and the 35-to-1 odds are on par with other fringe contenders, which shows the leap in respect the Raptors have earned since last season.

Miami Heat (+3500)

The Miami Heat suffered the opposite fate of Cleveland, because they were the overall favourite at (+300) to win the championship, until news of Lebron leaving sent their odds plummeting all the way to (+3500).

LA Lakers (+6500)

The Los Angeles Lakers were once a perrenial favourite to win the NBA Championship, but now they seen as a longshot at (+6500) odds. On top of that, the Lakers championship hopes took a big hit when Canadian legend Steve Nash declared he will not be playing this season due to a back injury.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+150000)

Even though the Minnesota Timberwolves are being given little chance by the oddsmakers, many Canadian basketball fans will be taking a keen interest in the Minnesota Timberwolves because Andrew Wiggins will be leading a young roster that unites him with fellow canuck Anthony Bennett.