David Lemieux vs Gennady GGG Golovkin Odds

GGG vs Lemieux Boxing Betting OddsIt will be a clash of middleweight champions when Canadian boxer David Lemieux fights the much-feared Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin at Madison Square Garden in New York on Oct. 17th.

This is will be the most exciting fight that features a Canadian in a long time, and the hype is so big that it has already set record ticket sales. Canadians can read all about the Lemieux vs Golovkin odds, and where you can bet the fight online.


Oddsmakers at Bodog Canada have David Lemieux as a (+800) odds underdog against Golovkin. Quebec’s Mise-o-jeu has Lemieux at (+625) odds.

At this point Mise-o-jeu has prop bets available for Lemieux vs GGG, and they are listed here in the decimal odds format. But, as you can see, the odds for Lemieux to win via KO are (+750) which are worse than the (+800) odds at Bodog for Lemieux to win straight up.

Lemieux vs Golovkin Mise-o-jeu

Another thing that makes the boxing odds offered by Mise-o-jeu inferior to online betting sites is that they add the ‘draw’ option like they used to do for hockey games. So, instead of a draw being a ‘push’ it is considered a losing bet. Although, not many boxing pundits see this fight lasting 12 rounds.

Both of these boxers have an explosive punch and have knocked out over 60 men between them. Golovkin currently holds a 20 fight consecutive knockout streak and has the highest KO percentage in middleweight title history. David Lemieux has only gone to decision 3 times in his career, and even when he does, he batters his opponents like we predicted he would do to Hassan N’Dam in his last fight.

Golovkin is highly rated in the boxing world, and David Lemieux tends to fall under the radar because he fights in Canada. Golovkin is promoted heavily by HBO and that is why he is such a large betting favourite. The (+800) odds at Bodog for Lemieux are definitely worth a look, but either way, this fight will not last longer than the 6th or 7th round.