Many Canadian sports fans are already familiar with ‘fantasy sports’ and have played in football or hockey leagues in the past. But, ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’, or DFS, has become a phenomenon in the USA, and is growing rapidly in Canada as well.

How to Play DFS in Canada

DFS leagues work the same as the fantasy leagues you may already be familiar with, but they are condensed down to a single day (or weekend) of games, and that way there is no season long commitment necessary.

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DFS is completely regulated in Canada, which means that most payment processors like credit cards or even Paypal will work.

Is DFS Considered Gambling?

NO, Daily Fantasy Sports is considered a skill game and is exempt from all gambling regulations. Although, some gamblers have questioned whether it is a skill game or simply another form of sports prop betting. In any case, many people who bet on sports also enjoy ‘Daily Fantasy Sports’, and vice versa.

Daily Fantasy Football

NFL football is by far the most popular sport for DFS betting, because the problem with most NFL fantasy leagues is that most players lose interest halfway through the season. With DFS, there is no need to worry about drafting players for the whole season, which means that every week you have a chance to win million dollar prizes!

Daily Fantasy Baseball

The recent success of the Toronto blue Jays in 2015 has caused an increase in demand for DFS within Canada, and the Toronto players, like Josh Donaldson, have become a veritable fantasy powerhouse. Just pick your players and set your lineup for any given day of MLB games to win cash prizes.

Daily Fantasy Hockey

Daily fantasy hockey is very popular for NHL fans in Canada, and work in a similar manner to the office pools many of you have played. Except, the action occurs daily and you can compete for huge prize pools, which makes watching NHL hockey games even more interesting.