2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey Betting at Bet 365

Hayden licks the NHL Stanley Cup

This year Bet 365 is the premiere choice for Canadians betting the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. Whether you want to bet on who will win the Stanley Cup, or who will win a game, or even who will win a period, Bet365 has you covered. Also, Bet365 offers live betting on every NHL playoff game! Please read our Bet 365 Review here.

2011 NHL Playoff Future Betting at Bet 365

“Future Betting” is betting on something that will occur on a future date. Betting the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup before the playoffs started would be considered a “future bet”. Please visit Bet 365 for more details.

Here are the odds Bet 365 offers for teams to win the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup:

VAN Canucks +250 WAS Capitals +600
SJ Sharks +700 PIT Penguins +800
DET Redwings +850 PHL Flyers +900
BOS Bruins +900 TB Lightning +1800
ANA Ducks +2000 BUF Sabres +2200
CHI Blackhawks +2400 PHX Coyotes +2500
LA Kings +2500 NAS Predators +2500
MON Canadiens +3300 NY Rangers +3500

Here are odds the the first 8 NHL playoff series matchups:

These are the odds for each team to win their first seven game playoff series.

TB Lightning v PIT Penguins
TB Lightning +120
PIT Penguins -140

PHX Coyotes v DET Redwings
PHX Coyotes +165
DET Redwings -185

NY Rangers v WAS Capitals
NY Rangers +180
WAS Capitals -220

CHI Blackhawks v VAN Canucks
CHI Blackhawks +190
VAN Canucks -230

NAS Predators v ANA Ducks
NAS Predators +110
ANA Ducks -130

MON Canadiens v BOS Bruins
MON Canadiens +175
BOS Bruins -210

BUF Sabres v PHL Flyers
BUF Sabres +130
PHL Flyers -150

LA Kings v SJ Sharks
LA Kings +230
SJ Sharks -280

Bet 365 also offer these future betting option for each individual playoff series:

  • Series Correct Score
  • When will Series Finish
  • Game and Series Double
  • Series Leader
  • Correct Score after Game 4
  • To Win from Behind

Nightly NHL Playoff Game Betting

This 2011 NHL playoff season Bet 365 offers many option like predicting the correct score and margin of victory. This is in addition to the stand Moneyline, Puckline, and game totals you would expect from a hockey betting site.

  • Puck Line
  • Game Totals
  • Money Line
  • Margin of Victory
  • Final Score
  • Money Line 3-Way
  • Time of 1st Score
  • First Goalscorer
  • Race to 3 Goals
  • Team Scoring First Wins Game
  • Highest Scoring Period
  • Game Total – Odd or Even
  • Team Total – Odd or Even
  • Team Total – Odd or Even
  • Team to Score First
  • Team to Score Last

Nightly NHL Playoff Prop Betting

These are the nightly proposition or “prop” bets that are offered by Bet 365 for the 2011 NHL playoffs. Some of these can be very interesting, such as player props, ad the “Grand Salami”. Betting on the Grand Salami is betting either over or under on the total number of goals scored by all teams on a given night.

  • Grand Salami
  • Highest Team Score of Night Market
  • Lowest Team Score of Night Market
  • Individual Player Props
  • Highest Team Score of Night Market