Bet on Canada at the 2015 Spengler Cup

Bet 2015 Spengler Cup hockeyThe Spengler Cup always plays second fiddle to the World Juniors, and is probably better known for the ugly jerseys players wear. This is why sites that offer betting odds are hard to find. Canadians who want to bet on the 2015 Spengler Cup can read here for the best option available, along with a preview of Team Canada’s chances to win.



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Although certain sports lotteries like Mise-o-jeu in Quebec have caught up with the times and are now offering odds for the 2016 World Juniors, you still can’t find odds for the Spengler cup offered by any Provincial lotteries.

That is why we recommend Canadian sports bettors check out Bet365 for Spengler Cup betting in 2015. They offer a full selection of odds and game props for Team Canada’s opening match against Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, a Russian based KHL team.

Team Canada vs. Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg

2015 Spengler Cup Betting Odds

As you can see, Team Canada are favoured over Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg, but many believe Canada to be underdogs in the tournament. This includes head coach Guy Boucher, who knows he has his work cut out for him and has stated that he doesn’t believe Canada are the Spengler Cup favourites:

“Odds are against us,” said Boucher, who will coach Canada for a second consecutive year. “That’s where this tournament is different. We aren’t favourites.”

This is because the European clubs already have their rosters set and have been playing in their respective leagues as a team already. While Team Canada must assemble a roster from all over the country while only having a limited amount of time to play together as a team before the tournament begins.

We recommend bettors tread carefully at the Spengler Cup, and instead consider betting on Canada at the World Juniors.