Latest 2016 Odds for Montreal to Win the Stanley Cup

Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup Odds 2016

The Montreal Canadiens almost been abandoned by demanding fans, but the team has reignited belief in 2016 with a current 3-game winning streak. Check out the latest betting odds for Montreal to with the Stanley Cup from the leading online betting sites in Canada.

The Canadiens looked to be Cup contenders when the 2015-16 season began, but since then they went on a tailspin that caused many in the province of Quebec to leave them for dead. However, a 3-game winning streak that featured an emotionally inspiring win over arch-rival Tampa Bay has given fans new hope.

Now, lets see what the betting odds have to say…

Oddsmakers at Bet365 have Montreal at (+2800), which pays 28-to-1 back on your money, and implies they have a 3.45% chance of winning the Stanley Cup in 2016.

Montreal Odds to win Conference

The odds for Montreal to win the Eastern Conference are sitting at (+1600), which pays back 16-to-1 and gives an implied probably of 5.88%.

Montreal Odds to Win Cup

The site ‘Sports Club Stats‘ crunches numbers and comes up with mathematical probabilites of teams making the playoffs. After the Canadiens latest win over TB they are at 23.5% probability of making the playoffs.