Streak Up The Cup: Hockey Betting at Bodog Sportsbook

Streak Up The Cup hockey betting promotion at bodog

Since Bodog wants to show that they are in the top tier when it comes to Hockey betting, they have offered a great promotion called “Streak Up The Cup” and it gives hockey bettors the chance to win cash, NHL merchandise, or even tickets to an NHL game!

Here is how it works

You simply need to make an account at Bodog Sportsbook and place a bet of $20 or more on an NHL game. They will start keeping track and if you win atleast for games in a row, you will be eligible for prizes! The prizes are as follows:

4 wins= $20 free bet

6 wins= Free NHL hat

8 wins = Free NHL Jersey

12 wins = Tickets to an NHL game of your choice

Bodog not only offers prizes to for winning streaks, but losing streaks as well!

4 Losses = $10 free bet

6 Losses = $15 free bet

8 Losses = $20 free bet