Odds For GSP to Beat Nick Diaz at UFC 158

gsp odds to beat diaz ufc 158

Canadian MMA fans have been waiting a long time for Georges St. Pierre to take on Nick Diaz and it is finally happening on March 16th at UFC 158! The Bell Centre in Montreal will be filled with screaming Canadians cheering on a national hero! Read our breakdown of the epic fight and get the best odds for GSP to beat Nick Diaz!

The superfight between Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre has been a long time in the making, with the two taking verbal jabs at each other over various media platforms. Most of the taunts came from Nick Diaz and his training camp at the Caesar Grace Jui-Jitsu Academy, but recently the usually humble and soft spoken George St. Pierre has fired back with some strong words for his opponent.

He is the most disrespectful human being I have ever met, and I’m going to put the worst beating on him you have ever seen in the UFC.

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This threat to Diaz is unusual for GSP who tries to show humility as a martial artist and has respect for all his opponents. But, it appears Diaz has gotten under his skin after years of disrespect towards the champion. For the gamblers, the odds maker has GSP as a big -500 favourite over Nick Diaz.

The question on people’s minds is “is GSP really worth those steep odds”. We think a play on GSP is completely justified even at 5 to 1 odds. When you look at the weaknesses in Diaz’s game, they play right into the strengths of GSP. For example, Nick Diaz has trouble defending the take-down when facing skilled wrestlers. This means he will be in big trouble against a guy like GSP who has been able to easily take down every opponent he has faced so far.

Nick Diaz wins his fights by turning them into brawls and wearing down his opponents with by throwing a large volume of punches. He is able to do this largely because of his superior cardio, which he hones by running triathlons in his spare time. But he will be in trouble if he trys to employ this gameplan against GSP, who is a cardio freak in his own regard and will be able to fight him off using his jab until the opportunity for a takedown arises.

The biggest chance Nick Diaz has to win this fight is by catching GSP with a KO shot like Matt Serra was able to do. But the problem with this is Nick Diaz hasn’t shown very much one punch KO power. All of his tko stoppages come from an accumulation of punches on a battered and tired opponent. GSP is not likely to gas out and it will only be a matter of time before he takes the fight to the ground and starts raining down elbows. We expect GSP to win inside the distance via GNP.

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