Bet Canada vs Sweden Sochi 2014 Womens Curling Final

canada vs sweden sochi 2014 womens curling

Canada has been the team of destiny at Sochi 2014 when it comes to womens curling. Jennifer Jones and Canada set a record for going undefeated at 9-0 throughout the round robin and now they have a chance to win all 11 of their games and remain undefeated while winning a gold medal in the process. Check out the betting odds for Canada vs Sweden here…

According to the online betting sites, Team Canada women are the clear favourites at (-286), or nearly 3-to-1 odds. Although this was the Sochi 2014 gold medal game that many pundits predicted, few thought Canada would be such large favourites, but this is understandable now considering the level of play that these Canadian women have shown so far at these Olympic games.

In gold medal games like this, it is just as much about nerves as it is about skill. We know the Canadians are the more skilled team, but the way they are playing now shows they are mentally on top of their game as well, having not even lost a round robin match. Sweden, on the other hand, has looked quite shaky at times having been involved in a number of nail-biters against weaker teams. An example of this could be seen in the semifinal against Switzerland where Sweden needed a comeback and stole the win in extra ends.

This game will be a rematch of the 2010 Olympic curling final where Sweden got the best of our Canadian women. So, you can be sure that revenge will be on the mind of Jennifer Jones and Team Canada, and if the round robin is any indicator Sweden could be in trouble because Canada thumped them 9-3 in that game.

Where to bet on Canada vs Sweden Curling Final 

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