Although gambling is legal in British Columbia, people try to gamble outside the province due to some legal restrictions of BCLC (BC Lotto Mobile) and some casino controversy. Fortunately, there are many beautiful sportsbooks available in British Columbia.

Compared with the provincial sports lotteries, online BC sports betting websites provide an extensive list of sporting events and many opportunities to earn more from great deals. Betting, with its numerous advantages, is available for everyone.

Here, betters should find all the necessary information on online gambling, particularly in British Columbia and other pages with exclusive betting news. BC betting experience should be fun and effortless.

To begin with the legal regulations, one needs to be a resident of British Columbia and at least 18 years old. This is the minimum gambling age in BC. Moreover, you need to have a valid email address, an actual address in BC, and a bank account or credit for the same living address. Important to note that these are standard criteria for everyone, not only for BC residents.

If you bet using Bitcoin or other digital forms of currency, you must have an electronic wallet, and withdrawals are possible only to your e-wallet.

Next, bettors need to choose an online sportsbook. Again, there are various online betting services to pick from.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that every sportsbook is different. Some work best for experienced bettors and those that are just perfect for beginners. Compare online sportsbooks based on your aims and wishes.

Make sure to check out our compilation of some top sportsbooks in Canada that are trustworthy and well-known.

While selecting from a great variety of sportsbooks, it is essential to compare each website’s differences in advantages.

Bonuses and Promotion

New bettors are usually rewarded in some way by most online sportsbooks. Matches on first deposits or free bets are the most popular.

Initial incentives match a portion of a new customer’s first deposit (between $20 and $200) or (between 50% and 100%). These bonuses include a rollover requirement, which means players must wager six to ten times their initial deposit plus bonus before withdrawing.

Experienced bettors generally ignore these incentives, but beginners can utilize them to get a taste of what online sportsbooks have to offer.

On the other hand, free bets are generally a free $5 to $10 wager offered to clients following their initial deposit. Most free bet promotions need minimum odds of 1.40 or higher.


Furthermore, it is essential to understand all sides of payment options. The first factor is what payment methods are acceptable, and the second is the speed with which they execute payments (and the withdrawal requests).

Bank transfers and debit/credit cards are the two most common payment options. Deposits made with credit or debit cards are handled instantly once an account is created and cards are confirmed. However, Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to verify with money being transferred within 5 business days.

The good news is that MasterCard is a fantastic and simple method for residents of British Columbia to conduct safe and secure online money transfers. Read for more information on where to deposit using MasterCard while betting online in British Columbia.

Best Sportsbooks

There are more than a few reasons why British Columbian online sports betting is considered to be the standard for bettors both inside and outside BC. There are so many opportunities that online betting websites provide which eventually make people prefer BC more.

Available Sports

It is a fact that the majority of sports are simply unavailable for bettors who use the services of provincial gambling. However, online sportsbooks cover many types of sports (from rugby to basketball) and leagues/teams (even those that are lesser-known).

Futures Markets

It is known that BCLC is disadvantageous when it comes to futures markets. If you do not want to parlay or set up an accumulator, then futures markets are the most effective way to make great deals on sports. Online sportsbooks provide futures on every type of sport with odds that change all over the year.

Variety of Options

Name any sporting event – the chances are that online sportsbooks cover them all. It does not matter if it is the FIFA World Cup or Superbowl. Moreover, most importantly, online sportsbooks provide a greater selection of odds when these great sporting events occur.

Betting Live?

Unlike the provincial services, even if the game has already started, you are still able to place a wager. Live betting is mostly always available. It is even available with individual games. What can be more enjoyable than watching the game that you are passionate about, see how game totals change and have your chances to win?

Single Sporting Event Betting

It is widely known that Canadian regulations require betting on multiple events at a time. However, with the services of online sportsbooks, you can bet on a single sporting event. Although it means a lower payout can be considered to be more accessible, especially for beginners.

More Chances to Win

The starting odds on a point spread or game total on prominent online sportsbooks operating in Canada range between 1.87 and 1.95. A $10 bet on team A to cover the spread results in a profit of $8.70 to $9.50.
In British Columbia, the standard odds for betting point spreads are closer to 1.50. Therefore, by betting on odds of 1.50 instead of 1.91, you indicate that you are content to win 80% less money on every wager.

Proline BC

As previously stated, Canadians are obligated by law to wager on at least two athletic events. Instead of relying on Parlay, the BC Proline betting service refers to it as an accumulator, in which odds accumulate for each betting event (from two to six).

Every bettor indeed wants to make more money. However, the limits of Sports Action and Proline in British Columbia make winning numerous bets difficult.

When utilizing the service of generating a betting card of six events, gamblers are frequently obliged to wager on the same sport or type of stake.

Hence, if you want to read more about Sports Action or Proline or search for variants other than Playnow Sports, we have various information and multiple recommendations.

Sports Betting BC

Remember that our partnering online sportsbook services as well provide all the opportunities that are available on Proline.

Combining marketplaces is also much easier with our prominent and trustworthy partners. Combine the point spreads, Moneylines, and totals for several sports (for higher rewards) or, instead, focus on the single bets and futures markets. When it comes to BC gambling, the possibilities are limitless, the rewards are more extensive, and all of this is achievable from the comfort of your own home.