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Bookmaker HPIbet was founded in 2002 in Canada. The company specializes in horse racing. Here, on HPI horse racing, you can bet on any particular race. Go to the site to select an event of interest according to several criteria. The bookmaker does not provide information about the license.

Features of HPIbet: legal bets on races, operation of race tracks, organization and conduct of races, fair bets. You can place a bet through an automated betting system from your phone or computer. The official site invites racing fans to make winning bets online, view statistics and fund their account. Here are the best purebred horse races from around the world – North America, Europe, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

HPIbet sign in to place bets, view handicap statistics and follow the top races on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The bookmaker ensures the confidentiality and protection of the information of each client.

Is HPIbet Legal in Canada?

Is HPIbet legal in Canada? Most of you might ask this question before registering and betting for the first time. The security of the player is а priority for the horse betting HPIbet. During the time, when HPIbet was given an opportunity by Woodbine Entertainment, the main forucs was the improvement of site’s security, which was met for sure. At the HPIbet platform or HPIbet mobile app you can get secure and reliable betting experience.  

Besides, the horse racing industry in HPI horse racing Canada is strictly regulated by law and therefore, it is certainly legal to bet on horseracing in Canada. Woodbine Entertainment, which owns HPIbet, is under supervision by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Canadian Pari-mutuel Agency, which requires full transparency. You can be sure that all operations conducted on HPIbet platform and mobile app are transparent.

And last, but not least, HPIbet is secured by the SSL technology (SSL SHA-2 encryption). The user data is encrypted and protected from the third parties.  Despite the fact that you can link your HPIbet account with your social media accounts, allows for an added layer of security.

HPIbet – Betting Options and Sports Market Coverage

There are multiple types of bets you can choose from with HPIbet horseplayer interactive.

HPIbet Place Wager

The basics include win, place and show wagering.

Win is the easiest one and you win money if the horse you have chosen for betting comes to the finish the first in the race and wins it.

If you choose place, you collect money when your horse comes to the finish the first or second.

In case of show, you collect money when your horse comes to the finishe the first, second or third.

You can make a bet on win, place and show at the same time, by placing multiple bets.

Besides there are also other wagering possibilities with horseplayerinteractive wagering account.

HPIbet Multi-Race Wager

There are also complicated bets to make. Here are multi-race wagers which means you can choose several horses to win in sequental races.

HPIbet Daily Double

This type of wager is for those, who chooses betting on two horses. You pick two horses and aim winning in two serial races. Other options of this bet is that it can reach to daily seven horses.

HPIbet Exactor

Among the wagers there are options for multiple horses. In exactor type of bet you choose two horses that will win if they come first and second.

HPIbet Triactor

With triactor wagers, you can choose three different horses that will come to finish in first, second and third position in the order you have selected them.

HPIbet Superfecta

With superfecta on horseplayerinteractive, you can choose four horses that will come to finish in first, second, third and fourth position in the exact order you have chosen them.  Lastly, a super hi-5 is where you choose five horses in an exact order from first to fifth.

HPIbet Quinella

If that’s too precise for you, there’s a wager named quinella, which is like exactor, but with one difference, i.e. any chosen horse can come first or second, and the order doesnt matter.

HPIbet Grand Slam

And the last wager is named Grand Slam. In this wager you choose a horse for three sequental races. The horse to win, must come to the finish first or second in the first two races and in the last race, in order to win, it must come to the finish the number one.

HPIbet Bonuses

Bookmaker HPIbet offers a welcome bonus to all newbies on hpi interactive. Immediately after registration, the client receives bonuses to his account, which must be wagered on the site. You can find the wagering rules on the office’s official website. If the bet wins, the user will be able to withdraw the winnings.

If you are a new customer, you receive your welcome bonus of  $100 on live racing. In order to know how to use the wager, you need to read the terms and conditions before registration. Here are the conditions and requirements:

Your age need to be relevant to the one required by HPIbet.

$100 wager need to be used before 30 days.

After covering the term, you will be given $100 after 30 days end.

Among the HPIbet promotions, there is a welcome offer which includes $2 free deposit on your account. When your welcome offer is over, you still will have plenty opportunities through various promotions. The opportunities and promotions will be available on HPIbet platform and you will be able to see them after logging in into your account. Also for each bet you will be given points, which you can later use and request various prizes.

HPIbet Registering

You can register on the HPIbet website or mobile application. If you want to use the webpage, it is easy, you just go there, on horseplayer interactive sign in, verify your account and start betting.

If you want to use the app for betting, you need to download it. When you download the application you still cannot use it. After downloading the app you need to open the app and hpi log in.

For the registration on webpage or application you need to provide the necessary information. All provided information must be true and verified by the documents, required by bookmaker.

The following data is required:

•​E-mail address. Must be accessible to the user.

•​Last name and first name. Necessarily as in the passport.

•​Date of Birth. It is logical that persons under the age of 18 will simply not be allowed to register.

•​Mobile phone number in international format.

•​Login. Must be unique, the system will check it on its own.

•​Password. Must be at least 6 characters long and contain letters and numbers.

•​Residence address. Selected according to Canadian style.

•​Select a security question and answer it.

After filling out the form on horseplayer interactive login, you need to agree with the user agreement by checking the box in a special form. You can also subscribe to the site’s advertising mailing list. Then click on the “Create Account” button. This completes the first stage, then you need to confirm the email address by clicking on the link in the letter. After that, you are allowed to make a deposit and start placing bets.

HPIbet Cashiering

Deposit and withdrawal of money on the HPI horseplayer interactive website is available with these payment methods: MasterCard, Paysafecard, Visa and other electronic payment systems. The minimum b amount for betting is $1, the maximum is not chosen, it constantly changes. The personal account for betting must be in US or Canadian dollars.

In order to HPIbet withdraw the amount that has been won from the balance, players must send the following documents to HPIbet:

• Copy of photo ID: passport or driver’s license.

• A photograph of a utility bill issued within the last three months showing your name and physical address.

HPIbet Strengths and Weaknesses

Membership in HPIbet has many interesting benefits. Any user can use the services of the office.

List of strengths that are available to registered bettors:

• Fast placement and calculation of rates.

• Live video broadcasts of horse races from around the world.

• Full access to information on rates and races.

• Online betting on a safe and secure platform.

• Profitable odds for real-time bets.

• Past races and betting guides published.

• Bets on pools, intervals, probabilities, results.

• Quick search for information on horses, jockeys and trainers.

• Ability to take notes on any horse and save them.

List of weaknesses for registered bettors:

There are almost no weaknesses. The only weakness is limited payment methods.

FAQ about HPIbet in Canada

Does HPIbet keep a betting and transaction history?

Yes, they do. You can view your deposit/withdrawal and betting history for up to sixty days of wagering. Despite the fact that the history is saved, it is completely secure. The personal data of players is encrypted and protected from the third parties.

How can I contact the HPIbet support team?

You can contact an HPIbet representative via the contact form or directly via a telephone call. There is a live chat function available, but when we reviewed the platform, the function was offline.

Is my information secure on HPIbet?

Yes, it is. HPIbet is secured by the SSL technology (SSL SHA-2 encryption). The user data is encrypted and protected from the third parties.  Despite the fact that you can link your HPIbet account with your social media accounts, allows for an added layer of security.

Can several people use the same computer for betting?

Yes, they can, but each of them must have their own account. It is forbidden for multiple people to bet from the same account. Each player must have their own account, registered at HPIbet and verified.

Is there customer support?

Technical service operators advise customers by phone, email and live chat. The official website has all the contact details for communicating with managers. When sending an application by mail, indicate the subject of the letter and describe your question in detail. The answer to the e-mail is received within 24 hours. In live chat, operators answer within half an hour.

How can I bet on HPIbet?

In order to bet on HPIbet you need to choose the Track and Race number you want to bet on. Select the Bet Type you want to make. Decide and mention on the amount you want to wager and select the horses and place your bet on HPIbet.

How can I withdraw money from HPIbet?

To withdraw winnings from the balance, players must send the following documents to HPIbet:
• Copy of photo ID: passport or driver’s license.
• A photograph of a utility bill issued within the last three months showing your name and physical address.

How can I deposit money on HPIbet?

Deposit and withdrawal of money on the HPI bet website is available through the following transfer methods: MasterCard, Paysafecard, Ukash, Visa. The minimum bet amount is $ 1, and the maximum bet has not been set as it changes from time to time. A game account can be created in the following currencies: US dollars and Canadian dollars.

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