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Regional betting companies in Canada aren’t new, yet they are still quite popular among local players. Today we will be reviewing Mise-O-Jeu, a company based in Quebec. The article will analyze the main aspects of playing there and compare it to international sportsbooks, so stay tuned.

How do MiseOJeu Predictions work?

First of all, let us deal with the main feature of the platform, the bets themselves. The service only allows you to make bets on several events, the so-called parlay bets. With these predictions, you have to take, for example, several MiseOJeu football matches and choose the winners of each. If all of your predictions are correct, you will win with significant odds, but you still lose the bet if you miss only one. You can choose from two to eight matches at MiseOJeu; hockey, soccer, basketball and other sports are supported.

How to Start Playing There?

To start using the platform, you have to live in Quebec and be an adult. Note that to create the account, you will have to confirm your identity, age and residency. There are some forms to fill out, but in general, the registration process is simple. After that, you can make bets online using your debit card or Interac and offline by visiting a local department.

Betting Markets and Odds

There are not so many markets available, though you will easily find the popular events on the list. There are MiseOJeu soccer matches from Europe, top hockey games and other significant events. There are several betting options you can make that vary depending on the selected sport for each game. Mise-O-Jeu results are a great tool to keep track of your bets and your favourite matches.
The odds are a bit lower than the worldwide average. It is easily explained with regional restrictions and local taxes, though the players can lose from it. With the parlay bets, the winnings may be high as well as the resulting odds, but if you would make the same bet at an international sportsbook, you’d get more. For example, if you bet on five Mise Au Jeu basketball matches and win $100, you will lose around $20 compared to making the same bet at an international sportsbook.

Mobile Optimization

As for the Mise O Jeu app, Android and iOS versions are available. You will easily find it in Play Market and App Store. The system requirements are relatively low. The app is easy to navigate through, while the interface features a high level of usability. The app works well even on outdated devices, and it does not require much space or drain too much battery. If we were to rate the service transfer to mobile, we would be satisfied a lot with the result. However, compared to offshore companies, the platform lacks lots of features.

Mise-O-Jeu or an Offshore Company?

You have probably noticed several comparisons between Mise-O-Jeu and an international sportsbook we made through the article. It wasn’t accidental: regional Canadian betting companies provide a similar service, though they cannot be considered sportsbooks. They provide a minimal set of features, making it more similar to a betting lottery. They are worse for experienced players as they cannot make single-game bets, don’t have promotions to benefit from, and have fewer markets available.

However, local companies like Mise-O-Jeu may be considered a perfect choice for new players. They won’t be confused by the amounts of markets, betting options for each game and types of bets available. The rules are simple, the interface is intuitive, and you can always ask any questions in the local department. Moreover, new players often get scammed due to choosing an unreliable sportsbook and lack of experience. Here the service is provided by a government-controlled company, making the security and trustworthiness unquestionable.

Summing up, Mise-O-Jeu would be a great choice to start your betting adventure, or you could enjoy it if you are a casual bettor. However, for experienced players, a better alternative would be to find an international sportsbook offshore.