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Many lottery sites are available in Canada today, but only a few of them provide a decent experience. So today, we are happy to present to you this OLG site review, in which we will assess the quality of the service and give detailed information about its essential aspects.

What is OLG?

OLG is the abbreviation for Ontario Lottery and Gambling, and the full name speaks for itself: it is a lottery platform. At their site you can play lottery games with real money. It was founded in 2000 and is maintained by the Canadian government.

Game Collection

The first aspect we would like to analyze is, of course, the game collection. There are several lottery games you can play on their website and some casino games as well. The site’s primary focus is still the lottery, so if you are only interested in casino games, we suggest looking for a dedicated site. The OLG game list includes such nationally popular lotteries as Lotto Max, Ontario 49, Poker Lotto, Wheel of Fortune Lotto, and others. The OLG point spread rules may differ between the games, so read the rules attentively.


Security is a crucial aspect of online gambling, no matter whether you play slots or a lottery. As the government maintains the platform, you can be sure your personal information is safe. OLG secure access is complemented by data encryption and the latest SSL protocols used to transmit it. There were no major data breach events in the company’s history, increasing the trustworthiness even more.


There are several promotions you can activate at Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corp. First of all, the welcome bonus code “LOTTERY15” provides free $15 for spending $15 on lottery tickets. Secondly, the starter package allows you to get free $100 for each of your first three deposits at the site. Note that there are some wagering requirements for the bonuses, so make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to become eligible for an OLG payout.

Mobile App

If you prefer playing on the go rather than sitting in front of a desktop, OLG has a solution. Their mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices and is pretty comfortable to use. It has a neat interface that is easy to navigate, and the general usability is high. It is not that surprising as they don’t have thousands of games, but it is still lovely.

The app is optimized well too. It does not drain too much battery and uses the data efficiently, so you won’t have to look for a Wi-Fi connection urgently. We have tested the app on several smartphones, both on Android and iOS, and it worked well even on the budget models.


To sum up, OLG offers a great lottery experience. Its main benefit is that the service is provided by the government of Canada, which guarantees a high level of security, fair treatment towards the users and the transparency of operation. We have enjoyed testing the site and the app, so we’re ready to recommend it to our readers. The only weak point is the casino aspect as it is not yet developed enough to compete with other gambling sites, but if you’re a lottery fan, you’ll definitely like OLG.


Q: Which lottery has the best odds in Ontario?
A: Right now, their best odd lottery is Lottario, as the chance to win the jackpot is around 1 in 4 million there.
Q: How do I receive the winnings?
A: If you have won more than $1,000, you would have to fill out the OLG claim form to receive your funds. It is available digitally, so it is pretty easy to find and fill it out.
Q: How do the wager requirements work?
A: These are the playthrough requirements for your bonus. To become eligible for a withdrawal, you have to reach a total of bets that would equal the bonus multiplied by the requirements. Thus, a bonus of $10 subject to wager requirements of x10 will require you to make the total bets of $100.