As the most populated province in Canada, Ontario is also the best when it comes to betting on the sport. So there are now many alternatives for online betting. You will find that Ontario sports betting is easy because this article provides all the necessary information about online gambling in Ontario. For Canada’s largest city, there is an extensive Toronto Betting Guide for sports betting in Toronto. In the guide, there are specific instructions if you want to gamble online for real-time sports in Toronto.

From hockey and basketball to rugby and soccer, you can bet in Ontario on all the most famous sports, and there are so many betting lines and markets available for you on all the most prominent online sports betting companies. In this article, you will find out the most profitable choices for sports betting in Canada.

According to gambling laws in Ontario, online gambling in Ontario is entirely legal, which makes it very easy to engage in. If you were wondering how old you need to be to gamble in Ontario, and if there are any other criteria, continue reading. In Ontario, any legal resident can take a chance on winning online if they are over the age of 18 (this is a minimum required Ontario gambling age) and have a valid email address and phone number. As expected, you must have money to gamble with, meaning you will need either a credit or debit card or any other means of transferring money to and from your active online sports betting account.

If you fall under all these categories, then you can choose your sportsbook and register.

Now registering and creating a necessary online betting account is a very simple process. First and foremost, you need to pick one of the many available online sportsbooks. The number of various sportsbooks is quite high as they are all competing for your money to bet on the games. Don’t worry if this seems puzzling, since we have collaborated with the best online sporting websites and have evaluated the pros and cons of each one in the interest of saving your time.

As soon as you select one of them, simply insert your personal information, and then you are fully ready to begin. It usually takes less than a few minutes to set up your online account.

Although one can consider all of the betting companies to be the same, they all differ in quite a number of important ways. For betting on particular sports, some online gambling sites provide some major advantages. However, even these incentives and bonus bets can alter from one sportsbook to another. Hence, it is significant to keep an eye on the bonuses and promotions that sometimes fluctuate weekly.

Fortunately, though, you are not restricted to only one of the sportsbooks. Remember that if there are different good advantages on multiple sites, you can register to as many as you wish. Just make sure that those will include our partner companies for the most profitable deals.

Furthermore, sportsbooks are not exactly similar in terms of deposits and payments. If you want to make a deposit using a debit or credit card, you should be able to use most websites, although only a few sportsbooks will allow using other methods, such as Bitcoin or other electronic transfer methods. You can also use Moneygram Mississauga for these purposes. Check out this page for the best deposit methods in Ontario.

One of the major things to solve is how quickly sports betting sites will pay your dividends. It can be quite frustrating to celebrate a big deal and wait days or maybe weeks (in some cases) for the money to arrive.

Apart from cards, it is important to emphasize that many sportsbooks these days also accept PayPal. Look up to another article to find out more about PayPal depositing in Ontario.

All of the most popular betting websites are available to all the residents of Ontario. Remember that there are many opportunities to make great deals online.

Canada’s number 1 sport – ice hockey – is even better if you bet on your favorite team. And it does not count if you are a Leafs or Senators fan. On our partnering sportsbooks (that you need to check out), you can place a wager on every NHL game.

National Hockey League

Do you think you can guess the next winner of the Stanley Cup? You can choose the Stanley Cup Outright Market to bet and doing so that someone like Austin Matthews will win the league’s MVP award. The movement is always forward when one bets on hockey online.

National Basketball Association

Are you a fan of the Toronto Raptors? Then bet on them or any of the other NBA franchises. Team playing for Canada is also a team playing for Ontario! There are so many opportunities to earn money ranging from betting on individual or playoff games to choosing the final winner, and you can do it all in Ontario. Read our specific guide on NBA betting.


Toronto FC represents Major League Soccer (MLS) Ontario, and you can gamble for the Reds and other franchisees in the regular season (March-October) and the MLS Cup playoffs in October and November. It also allows you to place bets on all international competitions, including the English Premier League and FIFA World Cup, the world’s largest football tournaments, as well as the CONCACAF Gold Cup (featuring the Canadian national team). All of these you can do in one click in Ontario.

Major League Baseball

Do you prefer baseball? You can bet on all the MLB matches. Also, you can choose the best odds and markets for Toronto Blue Jays matches. When it comes to MLB, the number of opportunities to win is very high as there are more than 160 regular-season games and the MLB World Series.

Other Sports

Are there any other sports that we did not include but would love to bet on? Well, the top sportsbooks include almost every single sport on the planet. You can bet on all those sports worldwide, not just those prevalent in the province of Ontario.

For example, from August to February every year, you can choose to bet on the NFL season and, thus, win great deals for major tournaments and championships like the PGA Tour meets.

Or are you into motor racing? You can bet on NASCAR and Formula 1. There are also other sports that you can choose: tennis, track cycling, martial arts, cricket, UFC, and more. Your passion is unlimited if you decide to bet on the best sportsbooks (try PlayNow Ontario).

Major Events

Some people prefer saving up for the biggest sporting events worldwide. There are so many contests, matches, and sporting competitions going on weekly around the world. Our partnering betting companies cover some major sporting activities each year (NFL Superbowl, Stanley Cup, UEFA, World Cup of Hockey, NBA All-Star, Indianapolis 500, and many more!)

It’s no exaggeration to suggest that there are millions of opportunities to wager on sport in Ontario each year, given the hundreds of lines and markets available across hundreds of athletic events each week. There are a variety of ways to bet on sports in Ontario, ranging from simple Moneyline betting utilizing pre-match odds to live in-play wagers, outrights, and futures markets.

The biggest online sports betting organizations cover every match or race in every athletic activity, and you may select from a number of lines, including over/under markets, point spread odds, and even props betting for those who enjoy an unusual wager.

Choose your lines, handicaps, modify your amount, and bet on numerous games all at once with online sports betting services. If you are not from Ontario, there are articles that cover gambling in other Canadian provinces.

Proline is one of the most popular ways to wager on sports in Canada, and it should be recognizable to everyone who enjoys betting in Ontario. Our online sports betting partners don’t provide this particular product, but residents of Ontario may get a similar result by placing an accumulator bet at any of our recommended sportsbooks.

Consider the following: Proline Equals an Accumulator.

An accumulator bet is simple to make. Your decision will display in your’ bet slip’ whenever you choose any wager on your preferred sportsbook. If you choose another bet from a different game or sport, your bet slip will demonstrate two distinct bets, but you will have the option to acquire combined odds. This is where the accumulator is located.

You can do this as much as you like with a few restrictions. Nevertheless, in general, you are not able to bet more than once for the same match.

For instance, the MLS Decision Day. At the completion of the regular season, every match in the MLS final round is played at the same time on the same day. You may wager on a handful of games individually, or you could choose as many as you like and try an accumulator.

If you bet on six separate games in an accumulator, you must win all six games in order to win your wager. However, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

So if anyone wonders if they need a Proline or an accumulator bet, then our recommendation is definitely to give it a try. The reason why is the amount of profit.

Your maximum profit is $300 (6 x $50) if you start with $100 and put six individual bets with odds of 1.50 each. With the same $100 staked on a six-leg accumulator, you might win $1000. Hence, as one can see, accumulator bets are a fun and rewarding method to improve your online sports betting experience, and it all starts with CSB.

Moreover, don’t forget that there are several online sports betting businesses where you may bet on horse racing. All of the standard horse racing betting options are available, and the greatest horse racing odds can be found right here on this page.

There’s information about horse racing betting here, from the Kentucky Derby to the Prince of Wales Stakes and even the Melbourne Cup.

If you are from a different province or are curious about finding out more information regarding other Canadian provinces, you can find it all here. Just click on your respective province. Also, check out our FAQ page and other related content regarding sports betting in Canada.