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This review can help anyone who wants to understand PlayNow better. Besides the basic information, it also summarizes the basic mechanism, variety of games offered, pros and cons, the format, and any bonuses available. Finally, scroll down the page if you want to find out if PlayNow is just a scam or worth trying.

General overview

The website aims to bring pleasure to all people who enjoy playing online lotteries. BC Lottery Corporation initiated BC PlayNow, and it has been available online since 2003, although it had been conducted since 1985. Its online presence is secured by Google Safe Browsing and Norton Safe Web.

It ranges from PlayNow lottery games to casino, poker, and PlayNow sports bets. All the services on PlayNow are available daily (specifically, its lotteries from 6 till 4 AM the next day; “Pacific Hold’em Poker” from 4:45 AM till 2:06 AM; every other poker game operates 24/7, casino, bingo, and sporting bets are also available 24 hours a day). Make sure that you are at least 19 years old if you want to play lotteries.

The Mechanism of PlayNow

How can I know that it is not a scam? This review will help you to understand the primary mechanism behind the lottery website. Well, PlayNow is controlled by the Canadian government. Therefore, you should not doubt the service and, based on my own experience, I can assure you that all rewards are fully paid. Also, remember that compared to other websites, fees are excluded from the ticket prices.

For BC Lotto PlayNow, LottoMax is drawn once a week on Friday, and Lotto 6/49 is drawn twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. LottoMax has a bigger jackpot than Lotto 6/49. This is because the lotto game determines the number of drawings that can be played ahead of time. Lotto Max allows you to play 2, 10, 26, and 52 drawings in advance. Lotto6/49 and BC/49 allow you to purchase tickets for 2, 10, 52, and even 104 draws.

Single Player

BC Lottery PlayNow games allow a single-player only. This is the only basic format.

The Outcomes

Click on the “Winning Numbers” to view the draw results organized by date and the lottery winners, casino, poker, and bingo games.

Claiming the wins

All rewards earned on the website must be claimed in person. The PlayNow lottery site will not mail the rewards or examine the tickets, so participants must keep up with the latest results on their own.

Any Bonuses or Offers?

Once you register on the website, you can top up your account with $100, which gives you a chance of receiving a bonus of $100. You can receive it if in one month you have $500 on your PlayNow account.

If you didn’t know, there is also a mobile version of the lottery website. If you download one, then you can participate in the $7,000 betting. Open the “My Promotions” page in the mobile version and enter the PlayNow promo code. However, also remember that every time you type in the promo code, you must top up your account with $10. This way you are betting to win $100 daily and $1,000 weekly!

Putting these all together, PlayNow provides three different lotteries online: Lotto Max, BC 49, and Lotto 6/49. Moreover, besides the lottery games, you also can engage in poker, casino, and sports betting. However, despite the variety, many players find this characteristic to be inconvenient. Furthermore, you must claim your prizes in person. There are, thus, no notifications regarding your winning, unlike the majority of other playing websites. There are great bonuses and offerings as it is described above. Furthermore, the tickets for those games are affordable in price. Lastly, there is no doubt that PlayNow is trustworthy as the British Columbian jurisdiction regulates it.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages.


  • credibility and trustworthiness
  • affordable prices


  • only three lotteries
  • limited to the residents of British Columbia