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OLG is a famous company in Ontario as it provides a legal gambling service in the province. It is controlled and managed by the Canadian government, which positively affects the trustworthiness of the place. Today we will review one of their products, the ProLine online betting. We will give a short guide on how to play there, review its features, security and mobile optimization, and compare it with other offers on the betting market.

How to Play?

The platform is designed not only for young people familiar with all the modern technologies but also for the older generations. Therefore, it is pretty simple to start and to play there. To start playing, you’ll need to take the steps listed below.

  • Step 1: Getting Started.
    Visit their website or launch the mobile app. Read the terms and conditions before making any decisions.
  • Step 2: Configure the Bets.
    Launch the main section of the Pro-Line app. Select the sport you are interested in and the amount of money you wish to wager. You can bet from $2 to $100 on each ticket per day.
  • Step 3: Make Predictions.
    Select from three to six events and their outcomes. Each selected event will appear in the cart. Once done, make sure to re-check everything.
  • Step 4: Buy Tickets.
    Print or e-mail the tickets, then visit your local department of OLG to actually buy it.


The simplicity we have mentioned above, of course, has some fallouts. The features are quite narrowed to make everything simple. In the app or at the website you can only buy tickets for the set of three to six events. With the events themselves, the betting options are also quite limited. There are only the options to bet on victory or a tie and the ProLine point spread feature, which is basically a handicap. You can predict by how many points one of the teams will win and bet on the better odds.


The security of Pro-Line is on a decent level as it is provided and managed by the Canadian government. All the OLG products are safe to use, even the ones that require performing online transactions and entering your personal information. The user data is encrypted and there were no security scandals related to the company. With Pro-Line it is even better as you don’t need to enter any personal info or make deposits or withdrawals online. You only use the platform to select the tickets and all the operations are handled in the local departments, protecting you well from online scams, frauds and hacks.

Mobile Optimization

The service is also available on mobile devices. You can correspondingly download the mobile ProLine app from App Store or Play Market to iOS and Android devices. The app is comfortable to use, thanks to the low amount of features it provides. You will easily find the necessary sports and events, and everything is very intuitive. The app is also optimized well and will work smoothly even on budget devices.

Alternatives to Pro-Line Online Betting

There are two available alternatives to Pro-Line: online sportsbooks and bet exchange platforms. Here we have to clarify that it is hard to fit Pro-Line into one of these categories as it is a betting lottery rather than a sportsbook. We’re sure that our experienced readers already know the difference between the two alternative options, but we will still explain it to those who have never made online bets.

Bookmaker companies manage typical sportsbooks, and you have probably seen some of them. They offer a wide range of events and lots of betting options for each. Such companies earn their money by controlling the odds, so you are playing against the company.

At the same time, bet exchange platforms have a different approach. You are playing versus other users, and your bets directly affect the odds, while the company only provides you with the platform and charges a small commission from every bet you win.

What Should You Choose?

Now that you know what options are available, you have to consider which suits you the most. There are several criteria you can compare, including the markets available, betting limits, promotions and so on. This requires quite a bit of research, but in general, the odds of winning at ProLine are bad vs. offshore betting sites as there is the local tax factor and the expenses on local departments. Nevertheless, we can recommend using ProLine as your first experience in betting as it is simple to start, and you will be protected from fraud by the government. As soon as you get more experienced and ready for the new features, you can quickly move to a bet exchange platform or a sportsbook.


Summing up, we can say that Pro-Line is a good offer for new bettors. It will help you enter the betting world without having a risk of being scammed or losing too much money (remember that the betting is limited). They don’t have a wide range of features, but you will surely find the events you need if you are an average fan of popular sports.


Here we would like to answer some popular questions related to the service. Hopefully, it will help you to get started and if you have other questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Q: Can you play ProLine online?
A: Yes and no. You can select the events and print the tickets, but you will still have to visit the local department to pay for them.
Q: Is it legal to use the app?
A: Yes, betting is legal in Ontario, and OLG, a Canadian government organization, provides the app.
Q: Is horse racing available for betting?
A: Yes, there are more than ten tracks available.
Q: What sports are available for betting?
A: The list includes soccer, football, hockey, baseball, basketball and horse races.