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Most Canadians are familiar with ‘Pro-line’ or ‘Sport Select’ which are the provincial sports lotteries that allow multi-game sports betting, which works just like a parlay. For whatever reason, Canada’s sports lotteries are allowed to offer sports betting legally as long as there is no single-game betting like that which occurs in Las Vegas, for example.

Many across Canada are hoping the government allows changes to these regulations because most realize that there is not much difference between betting one game, or betting three games, you are still betting on sports at the end of the day. The province of Quebec are leading the way with ‘Mise-o-jeu’ and are able to compete with offshore sportsbooks when it comes to odds and bets on offer.

How Pro-line Betting Works

Pro-line displays their odds in the decimal format and you must select at least three events to bet on, in the same way a 3-game parlay would work in Vegas. Pro-line allows you to bet on point spreads, but you must select at least two games.

Betting Online vs Betting With Pro-line

Pro-line cannot compare with betting at online sites because not only are you allowed to bet single games, the odds are much better. For example, when betting football point spreads with Pro-line you must select two games, and the payout on that two team parlay is only even money (+100), while parlaying two point spreads at (-110) online would return you (+264)!

Furthermore, the fact that you are forced to bet parlays with Pro-line means that it is more difficult to win. In fact, online site Bet365 offer a parlay bonus if players hit

How to Win Playing Pro-line

The best answer to that would be to not play Pro-line and take a flight to Vegas (or just bet online). But, every Canadian sports bettor will find themselves in a situation where they have no other choice but to play Pro-line.

The one advantage you have when playing Pro-line is that they are much slower when it comes to moving the odds or point spreads. This means that you can take advantage of ‘stale lines’. For example, the Calgary Stampeders may be -4.5 on Pro-line, but -7.5 with Vegas & offshore sportsbooks after betting action moved the number. In this case, it can be advantageous to play Pro-line if there are ‘stale numbers’ available.

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