When Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau established the voluntary tax lottery in 1968, he popularized Quebec gaming. Since then, Quebec has been a forerunner in all aspects of gambling, including Quebec sports betting.

Like the other provinces of Canada, Quebec enjoys hockey and wagering on it. Quebec sports betting has a plethora of alternatives, and on this page, we provide you all the necessary information on the many available sportsbooks.

In Quebec, there are as many as a thousand sportsbooks where you can bet. Here, we covered only the best ones available. The majority of them provide markets in Quebec’s most famous sports activities, such as the NHL for hockey, NBA for basketball, and MLB for baseball. Also, you can fund the UFC and CFL.

The Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Montreal Alouettes (CFL), Montreal Impact (MLS), and the returning MLB franchise (shared with Tampa Bay) will all be significant for sports betting, and the sportsbooks will happily cover them for you.

Quebec Online Gambling: Where to Start?

Residents of Quebec should be happy as online betting is straightforward. Some of the essential rules you need to follow are the following: you need to be at least 18-years-old, have a valid email address, and have some minimal funds (as little as $10). Signing up for the websites is also a very quick and simple process.

Remember that most of the sportsbooks will ask you for a minimum deposit. In addition, many different varieties of payment are available, ranging from a credit card to third-party money transferring sites.

However, before depositing your funds, it is important to compare between many differing sportsbooks available. Each book is unique as they all compete for the marketplace.

The top-rated credible sportsbooks in Canada can all be found here.

You might ask what aspects you need to consider. Some important factors are the following:

  • Bonuses and special offers
  • Betting lines, easy-to-navigate or complex interface
  • The quality of the service

To begin with, many happily provide some welcome bonuses for starters, while some of them even offer you free bets. Make sure to consider this by registering for multiple betting sites.

The betting lines are also significant as both the lines themselves and the order they are released by the betting sites are distinct from one sportsbook to another. Scrutinize which ones are the best and quickest.
Many rely on websites for sports betting in Quebec. However, there is also mobile betting for those who enjoy their smartphone apps. Hence, in regards to your style of betting and personal preferences, assess which sportsbooks are best when it comes to websites and which are best when it comes to phones.

Customer service is the next important factor to pay attention to. Take their availability and willingness to answer your questions thoroughly into consideration. Another thing that is unique for each sportsbook is how easily a customer can either deposit or withdraw their funds.

Again, comparing the books is the first step one needs to make for the best online Quebec sports betting experience.

Bonuses are one of the first things to compare. Some sportsbooks provide a registration bonus or a welcome bonus. This is when the book will credit you for just placing a deposit (go through the terms and conditions to check if you fall under the necessary categories to get this offer). Some are kind enough to match your deposit.

Free bets are possible with some of the sportsbooks, meaning they will credit your real betting money. You may obtain this in a number of ways, such as by continually betting or by taking your chance with limited-time promotions. Find out which websites provide this service.

Payment mechanisms may potentially make or ruin a book. Many allow credit card deposits, while others take money orders or a third-party site where you may add up and withdraw money. Some books will give you a cheque, while others will transfer your funds through a third-party website.

You should look at sportsbook payment systems. The quicker they deliver you money, the more trustworthy they are. Don’t pass judgment on books solely on the appearance of their websites.

You may also use bitcoin to deposit or receive payments. Learn more about the bitcoin deposit process.

Sportsbooks in Quebec provide a multitude of sports betting games and markets. This isn’t just confined to your standard NHL marketplaces. The books cover everything from football to basketball to tennis to gaming.

All of the big events, such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and World Cup, are not only included but have a plethora of bets available as early as when the previous iteration finished!

Different Kinds of Betting

There is a range of betting: live betting, futures, outrights, and Moneyline.

The Moneyline is about betting on a team or player straight away; outrights are when you bet on the winner of a cumulative event (like the Stanley Cup Finals), live betting occurs right during the games, and futures are when you bet on an event that has yet to happen.

Others include but are not limited to the point spread, the total number of scored goals, the over/under, and the props (like who will first score the goal).


It is widely known that online Quebec sports betting heavily emphasize hockey. Both local and international hockey is one of the most popular sports in Quebec. If you are into championships such as the NHL World Cup, the Olympics, or the World Juniors, you need to try betting as these tournaments get significant attention from betting websites.

One evidence for this is the betting unique to Canadians, which is often called the “Puck Line.” Its main point is that you place your wager on a team and a goal handicap. However, compared to the money line, the team predicted to win by more than one goal will be an underdog.


Moreover, Quebec’s passion for basketball is undeniable. One can’t fail to mention Montreal especially. The Raptors, for instance, play some of their pre-season tournaments in Montreal. Moreover, some claim that Montreal is on the way to establish an NBA team shortly.

Nowadays, considering that this sport is gaining great popularity, Quebec gambling on this sport will increase. The international tournaments will not be unnoticed either. Don’t forget that the Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team (one of the Quebec sports teams) can make it into the FIBA World Cup.

Other Sports

Baseball is making a significant comeback in Montreal. The venerable Montreal Expos are being revived (kind of) by the Tampa Bay Rays, who will split home games as early as 2023. If this is a success, Montreal will get a new MLB franchise.

Soccer is another popular sport in La Belle Province. Since its establishment in 2012, the Montreal Impact of Major League Soccer has been consistently competitive. Quebecois also play in the international soccer scene, such as the Premiership or Champions League.

The Montreal Alouettes of the CFL was a once-proud team that has now devolved into a shadow of its former self. Regardless, the team, as well as the CFL, remain popular in Quebec. According to rumours, Halifax may also get a new team. Due to the city’s proximity to Quebec, a new Quebec sports team can be beneficial for both of the provinces.

Proline Sports Betting in Quebec

Proline is one of the famous betting services. It is easily accessible and backed as well as promoted by the Canadian government. In addition, its pen and paper method makes it very unique and enjoyable.

You do not wager on just a single team. You must select at least three outcomes (a team to win or an over/under total). If you want to cash the Proline ticket, each outcome should be successful. If even one of these fails, the entire ticket fails.

While internet sportsbooks do not offer this particular accumulator, they have a similar function: parlays. This is when you compile your bets together in the same manner as an accumulator. You choose at least two possibilities and cash your bet if all of them win.

The pros are:

  • the payout is higher
  • you can adjust the bets as you wish (for instance, add props)

This style of betting will suit a person who wishes to earn more from their bet. The higher win is possible due to the shortened odds.

Hence, betting on it (also called Mise-O-Jeu) is an experience full of fun. It is exhilarating. However, its offers can be limited, especially for experts in sports.

But don’t get frustrated. We have prepared for you the list of our partnering online sports betting websites with the most to offer. They have large markets, good customization variants, and both mobile and live options to have your back at any place and at any time.