The province of Quebec replaced the old ‘Pari Sportif’ model with the Mise-o-jeu which is the closest thing to fully regulated sports betting in Canada, and it can actually compare with some online sports betting sites. Find out more about how to bet on sports in Quebec here.

Where to Bet on Sports in Quebec

These sites are better than Mise-o-jeu because of the deposit bonuses that are offered, better odds, along with the ability to bet on live sports. You can get full support on these online sites in both English and French.


Mise-o-jeu offers single game sports betting with a modern website that allows for online betting and even has a mobile app. Although Mise-o-jeu is not up to par with the online industry yet, it is far better than other Canadian sports lotteries.

Casino de Montreal

Many people, especially those visiting Canada, think you can just walk into Casino de Montreal and place a bet on sports. Only to find out they have go go around to the corner-store and make a Mise-o-jeu ticket.