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There are a few choices for sports betting in British Columbia, including the British Columbia Lottery Commission’s Sports Action and one of the province’s two authorized sports betting programs. In 2019, British Columbia spent up to 24 million Canadian dollars on sports, and its influence is growing year by year.

Sports bettors have two choices, so choosing Sports Action or Play Now can seem perplexing. The second sports betting website for British Columbians is PlayNow, which the BCLC likewise controls. Because BCLC governs both, it is a matter of personal taste.

In comparison with PlayNow, Sports Action is an older sportsbook, and it is not as popular as the former one. Presently, it provides betting services on some sports such as soccer, basketball, college football, baseball, and the NFL.

So, How to Play Sports Action?

Here, we want to explain the most profitable betting techniques that you can use on the Sports Action daily menu.

Oddset 3-Outcome

Although its name is self-evident, we prefer to call these parlays. To increase your chances of winning, you can choose more than one outcome for the particular game with parlays. So, to put it simply, you will be picking three or more matches to place your wager on and choose if either of the competing teams will win, lose, or tie. Hence, you will click on V, which stands for a visitor, H for home, and T for the tie. Then, you bet and if each of your prognoses is correct, you win.

When it comes to tying games, different sports have distinct regulations. For example, a tie includes overtime in hockey, so your game effectively needs to go into a shootout for your tie bet to work out. A tie is defined as a game concluded by three points or fewer in football, so be careful with that gamble. Ties in baseball are determined by one run, and ties in basketball are by five points or less.

Oddset 2-Outcome

This is the following famous betting method. It has the same rules as the Oddset 3-Outcome but is limited to two options.

Oddset Combo

Oddset Combo enables you to wager on numerous sports on a single slip. These are additional parlay choices, with all of your bets on a single slip. In addition, you may notice a “Go for 2,” which you simply pick to add up your bets into a combination bet.

Point Spread

Sports Action Point Spread is quite popular in the industry of sports betting. Sports Action point spreads balance the odds between two teams, giving the underdog a fighting chance. The odds for the underdog will have a positive number next to it, while the odds for the favoured team will have a negative number on its side.

Let’s consider an NHL game between two well-known Canadian Teams:

  • Toronto Maple Leafs +2.5
  • Vancouver Canucks -2.5

These odds indicate that the Vancouver Canucks are expected to defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs by three goals. You must select whether you believe the Toronto Maple Leafs will lose by less than two goals or win the game altogether. If you believe this is the case, you should go with the Leafs. On the other hand, if you are betting with the oddsmakers and believe that the Canucks will beat the Leafs by a large margin, you should go with the Canucks – they just need to win by three goals or more for your bet to win.


It’s a very typical and safe wager to make if you’re playing the over/under. However, if you aren’t a major sports fan and don’t know much about the teams involved, this is a fantastic choice because you are betting on the overall result of both teams.

If you are looking at the identical matchup as above, you must guess the total number of goals scored by the Leafs and the Canucks combined. If the Canucks are predicted to take over by more than three goals, Sports Action oddsmakers may set the total at 6.5.

Your task is to predict whether both sides will score more or fewer than 6.5 points. You will lose your bet if you choose them over and the final score is 2-1. On the other hand, you will win if you choose them over and the result is 5-3.


Toto bets are extremely dicey and so one has to be very careful. You will be predicting the outcomes of 13, 12, or 11 games, and you must be accurate on all predictions to earn the cash prize. This is an option at Sports Action, and while you may build 13 game parlays at any sportsbook to win a large reward, not many sports bettors succeed at it.


Furthermore, Sports Action has props wagers. Although there are not many as on any other sports betting website, you still have a good variety to choose from if registered.

Prop bets are wagers on occurrences or occasions in the game that are not connected with the game’s eventual outcome. Anything that you haven’t already gambled on can be taken by someone else. For example, you can wager on whether or not there will be power-play goals, who will score next, or any player props that may be offered.

If you choose to place your wager on power-play goals, and the line is at its 0.5, and you decide to pick the over, you must have one team to have at least one goal.

Overall Summary

Although Sports Action is an older bookie, some like to place their wagers at actual locations of BCLC Sports Action instead of doing so online. It is still a great experience to bet while in a convenience store or at your local gas station.

We can confirm, though, that online sports betting websites have the best alternatives and chances to win. Nonetheless, we also recommend going through the reviews to decide. Remember that we never recommend a website that is not trustworthy or credible. So we advise everyone to try one of the recommended sportsbooks.

As usual, keep in mind to place your wager responsibly and strategically. It doesn’t matter if it’s an actual location, online betting website, or Sports Action mobile version.